Critical illness


You probably already have some insurance policies for your house, your car and your mortgage…

BUT have you thought of YOURSELF?

The reason I'm reaching out to you today is because your savings should be used for your future – not your medical bills!

           You've worked hard to plan for an enjoyable retirement or to protect your family’s lifestyle! 

But what would happen to all your plans if you have a heart attack, stroke or get diagnosed with cancer today or a few years from now?

 How would your lifestyle be affected? What would happen to your savings? What would happen to your family and your future?

Critical illness insurance is valuable protection that you need to know about. It can help protect your retirement savings and preserve your lifestyle, while at the same time relieving the financial problems of suffering from serious illnesses such as: heart attacks, stroke and cancer.

Heart diseases

• One Canadian in four will develop some kind of heart disease throughout his or her life

• One in two heart attack victims are under 65


• Nearly one in two Canadians will develop cancer throughout his or her life

• 60% of Canadians will still be alive five years after their cancer diagnosis


• 80% of the victims will survive their first stroke

• Nearly 60% of patients who have had a stroke will remain somehow disabled and more than 40% will keep a moderate to severe disability

           So, how does it work? It is paid during the lifetime of the insured!

With critical illness insurance, if you become ill and survive a waiting period, you will receive a lump sum of money that you can use any way you choose, including:

  • taking an extended leave from      work,
  • having a family member take      time off to be with you,
  • travelling for treatment, and
  • covering everyday expenses like      mortgage payments and retirement savings contributions.

If you wish to discuss how this important coverage may help to protect you, your family and your future, please give me a call at 416-854-0970 or drop me a line at

It will be a pleasure for me to assist you at any time!